Posted by: Jack | June 1, 2019

What about … (part 2)

Today, we have lived in our new home for two months. Yesterday, we gave the first tour of our home to a US visitor, a dear supporter from Michigan who stopped by briefly. What an encouragement to be reminded of how many are praying for us regularly and supporting us.

Last month, we began to answer some questions that our move might raise. The first one was WHAT ABOUT … the church in Maastricht? (See the post of May 1). This second one is:

WHAT ABOUT … the ministry at the ETF?


2015-03-17 22.27.59

Jack with the Belgian Pastors who wrote the book “Hope for the City”

Our main ministry focuses on Jack’s teaching and research at the ETF, which is the Evangelische Theologische Faculteit, located in Leuven, the Dutch-speaking northern part of Belgium.


Jack is now full professor and he TEACHES a number of courses in practical theology (Research Methods, Christian Education and Discipleship, Development of Pastoral Leadership, Models of Christian Leadership, and Theology of Pastoral Care).

As chair of the Department of Practical Theology, Jack also COORDINATES the many guest teachers in practical theology and participates in various meetings to help run the university, monitor its quality, and prepare for its next accreditation visit (2019-2020).

Cover book JackJack also conducts RESEARCH, which results in various publications. Recently, Jack and several Belgian pastors completed a book, “Hope for the City.” It describes the challenges of the city church. It is the first of its kind in Dutch. Our prayer is that it will motivate Christians to consider pioneer ministry in Dutch and Belgian cities. A book presentation will be held in an evangelical church in Antwerp, Belgium, on Saturday, June 8.

Jack is also writing three chapters in a book on the future of pastoral leadership in the Netherlands, that should be published in Dutch by the end of the year.

What has changed since our move?

Jack’s ministry at the ETF has not changed. However, travel to the ETF is now 4 hours by train and bus, instead of one hour by car. However, the train has become Jack’s new office, and he stays overnight one or two nights a week at the ETF.

What remains the same?

The ETF is not able to pay Jack a salary, so we depend fully on our missionary support for this ministry. The ETF is able to help with some ministry and travel expense.

Some special needs

1. With the move, Jack needed to upgrade his 8-year old laptop to a more portable one with longer battery life, combined with a larger free-standing monitor, extra power supply and docking station. A cost of altogether about €1500. We already purchased the new laptop because the old one crashed, but still need to cover these significant expenses. If you can help, please send a donation to the Barentsen’s Equipment Fund.

2018-02-03 11.50.12-12. Raymond Hausoul, one of Jack’s former students and intern, now a colleague in ministry and teaching, occasionally needs help from a native English speaker to correct his English writings for an article or a book. If you are able to help, please write us, and we’ll get you in contact with Raymond.

Thank you for praying with us and supporting us in this ministry at the ETF.


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