Posted by: Jack | May 1, 2019

What about … (part 1)

The last 6 months have been a whirlwind for us: renovating, breaking down walls, wallpapering and painting, moving … and more fixing up. It’s not entirely over yet. Thanks for all the encouraging notes and cards we have received. It’s good to know many are praying for us and standing with us.

Since our move last month to Houten in the Netherlands, several have asked:

WHAT ABOUT … the church in Maastricht?

Good question! Most recently, we shared that they had found a new building for the Sunday worship services. It’s a nice neighborhood center that they rent for Sunday mornings. It takes a lot of setting up chairs and music, but it is warm in the winter! The church is doing well in the new location, with around 50-60 in attendance.

When we announced that we would move away, the elders started a search for one or two new elders. To date, they have found one person willing to serve, so the board continues strong with 4 elders. One of them is our young pastor Jesse, an ETF graduate (where Jack teaches) who continues to grow in his role as spiritual leader.

Your prayers for the church’s outreach, growth and spiritual health are always appreciated! Maastricht is a university city with a teaching hospital, and lots of people moving through. The church attracts a number of these folks, but many move on. So it is always a challenge to teach and to disciple. Keep praying for their ongoing ministry.

So … what other questions do you have? What about … ???

Thanks for thinking with us! And for praying for us.


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