Posted by: Jack | April 9, 2019

A New Chapter

We drove away from Maastricht for the last time on Friday, March 29th. All had been moved the days before. The clean-up of our rental home went smoothly with the help of many from the church. As we closed the door behind us, it felt like we finished one chapter, and started a new one.

Our house renovations were completed enough for us to move, with more than enough work remaining to be done! We’ve met a handful of new neighbors, and begun to explore our new surroundings – by bicycle.

  • How did we every accumulate so much stuff? — I’m not allowed to tell how many boxes we took!
  • We’re very blessed with our new home, its location, and our new neighbors
  • We love being closer to our children and Jack’s family

A few pictures tell the rest of the story:

2019-03-11 08.57.53

The back of our house, with an old doorway being turned into a kitch window above the new sink


2019-03-02 10.54.22

A picture of our backyard from the first floor, with a view towards the soccer field next door beyond the common parking lot.







2019-03-10 15.40.33

View from our front window. See the bridge? Just like Monet’s famous paintings.

2019-03-27 18.06.20

Our grandson Manuel in the moving truck








Leaving Maastricht was a moving experience. We said our church farewells after Jack’s last sermon (March 17). The church gave us an apple tree from the local area to plant in our new yard. People had hung paper apples in the tree with words of appreciation. It was a moving time. We also said many personal farewells with friends and neighbors. We will visit Maastricht again, and pray for the Lord to guide the church in their new church-meeting location.

2019-03-17 14.10.56-3

An emotional farewell from church, with our whole family present.

Meanwhile, at the ETF, Jack’s research is bearing fruit. A book co-authored with 4 Belgian pastors and one student presents the challenges of the church in the city. Another project on the future of church leadership is nearing completion by summer. All ETF staff is working hard towards the research visitation and renewed accreditation of the ETF in the next few months.


Cover book Jack

The book cover on ‘Hope for the City’


Pray for Jack’s students. One is in the final stages of dissertation writing, focusing on ethical leadership through the metaphor of covenant. The other is beginning doctoral research on Bible reading among German evangelical teenagers. Jack supervises several other students as they write their master thesis on pastoral counseling and church leadership. Pray for diligence and wisdom as these students complete their projects, and that their research will be a helpful resource for pastors and other Christian workers.

Thanks for standing with us and praying for us. Our prayer page has more prayer updates. May we all experience Christ’s resurrection power anew this coming Easter.

In Christ, Jack and Pat Barentsen

In case you missed it: our new address is

Reigerweide 1
3993 CJ Houten
the Netherlands




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