Posted by: Jack | July 18, 2018

Food parcels, parenting and anger



The inside of the church, set-up for the monthly coffee service

This summer, the most exciting news from the Maastricht Church is that we may be about to get kicked out of the building where we have held our services since 2014. Negotations with the Maastricht City Council (for all the permits) and the Roman Catholic Diocese (formal owner of the building) are intense and political. Keep praying that the Lord’s will be done – which we hope will be that the building can be renovated, to include facilities where we can hold services for the long term – so that our church can continue to be involved in the neighborhood. But perhaps the Lord has other things in mind, so we must remain humble and prayerful as we continue in this challenge.

But you might ask, “How has the church served the neighborhood?” So glad you asked!

  • Help organize and of late simply attending monthly coffee afternoons for social interaction and building relationships.
  • Host two courses on managing anger constructively, taught by Christians from the Dutch organization Agape.
  • Host two courses on parenting teenagers, taught by different believers in our area.

Areal view of the neighborhood of our church. Do you see the cross-shaped building in the middle?

  • Two small campaigns to put together food parcels for needy families in the neighborhood.
  • Participate in several events organized by “Serve the City Maastricht” where volunteers helped to do various jobs for folks in our neighborhood (such as major house cleaning, painting, recovering a yard from being dramatically overgrown, and much more).
  • Reformat the last worship service of the month as a coffee service, inviting neighborhood folks to participate.

In recognition of the social value of these activities, the City of Maastricht gave a generous subsidy from which we could fund a number of these activities. We were  surprised but grateful!

These are not huge events, with just a few people from our church participating to a handful of neighborhood folks.  But we are and have connected with several people in the neighborhood, sometimes at a point of great need. Pray for the Lord’s fruit from these efforts and (renewed?) spiritual interest.

Did you see our little video about the building? Click here if you’d like to see it.

Thank you for standing by us in prayer and support. These summer months are often low on support, so we are very grateful if you would remember our Coffee Helping Missionsneeds in your giving. Click here for access to our mission’s website for donations.

You can also support us by ordering delicious specialty coffees from a Christian business that helps support our ministry!


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