Posted by: Jack | June 9, 2018

Internships Finished. Exams ahead!

2018-05-08 16.09.17

Internships are finished 🙂 . The students and I reflected on how their practical experience connects with their academic studies. It was exciting and fascinating to hear! Their exegesis courses helped them in preparing Bible studies. Systematic theology courses helped to teach more clearly what they believed. Courses in pastoral care and preaching enabled them to minister to people’s needs. Most importantly, many discovered for the first time how the Lord used their education to make them a blessing to others. They have returned to finish their Bachelor degree with new enthusiasm and new questions. Several will go on for a Master’s degree. June 12-13 will be the final evaluations with each intern. They all submitted 50+ page reports!

Until the end of June is exam period, a busy and stressful time for the students. Professors are busy with papers and thesis. Pray for wisdom and keeping focus on Christ amidst these busy days.

Other joyful news:

  • One of our young people in the Maastricht church was baptized. Her testimony inspired everyone.
  • Enrollment of new students at the ETF is slightly up from last year – but we have a ways to go yet. Pray for many more applications.
  • The ETF has admitted a number of qualified students from Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. At least 5 still need scholarships before they can come. If you wish to help, scholarship donations can be made through our mission BMW. Please add a note designating this gift towards the Barentsen’s “National Worker” account (or send us an email about it).



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