Posted by: Jack | March 24, 2018

Member care



Even though preparation took longer than usual, the flower workshop fell into place!!! Six people have signed up! Also several ladies will be coming to my home to make Easter pieces. These workshops will take place March 27-29. In addition to enjoyment, pray for spiritual conversations.

When it rain it pours! This was our experience with visitors this last month! Our new BMW area director and his wife visited the ETF as well as our home in Maastricht. We also enjoyed fellowship with a fellow BMW missionary, Roger Peterson, working in Paris – as part of BMW’s member care. Our conversations sharpened us in ministry and our spiritual lives and helped us think about future ministry. We were very encouraged. Since both visits were from people ministering in similar situations we could empathize and challenge each other. We were also refreshed with meaningful prayer.

Unfortunately we had extremely cold weather ( -3ºC or 26ºF) which made our city walk through Maastricht rather brisk! Here we are by the frozen watermill wheel! This was something we had never seen before! But it still wasn’t cold enough for the 11-city-ice-skating-race (“Elfstedentocht”) in northern Netherlands.

Currently, three of Jack’s students are working hard to finish their Master thesis in the next few months. They are writing on the following topics

  1. How pastors deal with spirituality and tradition in their leadership,
  2. How churches can guide adolescents with clinical depression in their faith development, and
  3. How Christian organizations and their counselors provide hope for persecuted Christians.

Please pray for wisdom, diligence and the opportunity for interviews as these students complete their research and writing.

Thank you for praying with us and supporting us. Over the last year, the dollar has lost 15% of its value as compared to the Euro, so even with an improving economy, our income is down by that much. As we look towards the next stretch of ministry, we will need $1000/month of additional support. Could you please prayerfully consider joining our support team? Click here for help from our mission’s website and be sure to designate any gifts for our Barentsen Support account.

2018-03-16 17.54.19-2

Organizing the spice drawer!


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