Posted by: Jack | February 22, 2018

Eating with Leaders

2018-02-03 10.20.34The smell of frying bacon teased our taste buds as we entered the large hall for a leadership breakfast. It was a pole barn type structure in a rural industrial area, the home of one of Belgian’s small evangelical churches. Eighty people from many area churches gathered to meet one another and be encouraged in their church leadership. Bethesda, a Belgian Christian counseling ministry, organized this event. Last year, Jack spoke on church renewal. This year, Pastor Raymond Hausoul, an ETF graduate, spoke about our vision for the future. He reminded us that God’s vision for the future is both far and near, both earthly and heavenly. Having finished his PhD dissertation on this topic last year at the ETF, he asked us, “So what are your hopes for your church and your city?”

2018-02-03 11.50.12-1It was a special privilege hearing Raymond speak. He is a believer from the Dutch area where we have served since 1988, studied at the ETF and did his internship with Jack in a local Bible teaching ministry. And now, as Dr. Hausoul, he pastors several Flemish churches, speaks widely and writes books about God’s future vision, Jesus’ healing ministry, and much more. Raymond and Jack hope to work together more at the ETF as well as in encouraging and training church leaders.

2017-12-07 21.37.47Pat is working diligently on the flower workshops that are coming up. She finds it quite a challenge to find just the right design for a workshop, and often needs to adjust her idea because materials are not available (or too expensive). Sometimes a project just doesn’t come together, and this is one of those times. Please pray for Pat as she plans the workshops, and for publicity and participants. Pray for the workshops as outreach opportunity. Pat and several others will also decorate the church for Easter, so pray for our Easter outreach.

2017-12-14 15.51.55

Flower workshop at a community center

One final news bit. As of January 1, Jack was promoted to full professor of Practical Theology. He has been invited to hold an inaugural lecture at the beginning of the next academic year, on September 24, in Leuven. We pray that this may be an opportunity to strengthen Jack’s outreach in his writings on pastoral leadership. Please also pray for preparing this special lecture.

Our prayer page has also been updated. Check it out for more (daily) prayer requests.

Coffee Helping Missions

You deserve a cup of coffee after reading all this. Have you tried the specialty coffees from a Christian business that helps support our ministry!


Manuel enjoyed the move last year in his own way!




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