Posted by: Jack | November 14, 2017

Turning points

2017-11-12 10.17.45

Sharing testimonies of salvation

“Slave to this world, weighed down by my own foolishness.” With these words, Wendy began her testimony last Sunday. In a striking way, she told of the amazing change, truly a rescue operation, that the Father, Jesus and the Spirit had worked out in her life. Sonaily, the second lady to be baptized, told how she gradually grew towards the Lord, until one day “I was filled with unexpected wonder and indescribable joy.” It was only later that she realized this was the work of the Holy Spirit.


The baptism water being warmed up in a very cold church

In a very moving service, these ladies were baptized, signalling the most important turning point in their lives. The service was, of course, followed by home-baked refreshments and coffee to exchange impressions with friends and family.  We were also filled with joy to witness how our heavenly Father delights in shining his light into the darkest human places!

2017-10-14 20.53.43

Brussels downtown, close to where the ILA conference was held

In another turning point, Jack and some Dutch colleagues presented research on church leadership in the Netherlands and Belgium in Brussels at the global conference of the International Leadership Association. This is a broad non-religious forum for leadership. This year’s theme was “Leadership in Turbulent Times,” with 1,000 people attending. Jack’s presentation ran parallel without about 18 other presentations, with about 20 people participating. Talking about religious leadership in this context makes people more aware of the crucial role of religion and spirituality in leadership. Although religion is often seen as hateful and divisive, instead we speak about reconciliation and peace.


View into yard from dining room / kitchen

A final turning point was Laura & Adriaan moving into their new house. Life on the 10th story, with an elevator only from the 1st to the 9th floor, became rather challenging with a baby, a stroller and groceries to carry. They found a nice family home in an ideal commuter town close by. It has a


The house on the right, the last one in a row of seven homes.



finished attic (thus, 5 bedrooms) all in less than 1200 sq.ft. Lots of stripping, painting, wallpapering, laying laminate floors, taking down and setting up closets (no walk-ins!), building kitchen cabinets, and so on. Jack and his brother even plastered several walls (advice: don’t!). We soon hope to visit again to see the final result.

Thank you for thinking of us. We value your prayers and support, so necessary to enable us to serve in our part of the world. For more prayer requests, see our prayer page.

Coffee Helping Missions

A unique support idea: Order specialty coffees from a Christian business and help support our ministry !





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