Posted by: Jack | September 30, 2017

Farewell and welcome

The ETF continues to touch people’s lives. We are deeply grateful for your partnership with us in this ministry. We’d like to share with you the stories of two people whose lives have been changed through the ETF.

GEG_4186Prof. Hofmeyr from South Africa recently said farewell to the ETF. He had been introduced to the ETF 12 years ago, and taught historical theology for many years. “It is a very special place, that has touched me deeply,” he shared. “There is a commitment to evangelical scholarship combined with an intense and personal spiritual life. You don’t realize the impact of the ETF, reaching even to South Africa and Malawi. Keep up this good work, the ETF takes up a unique place in theological scholarship and service.”

GEG_3433In the same week, Dudley Brown, who served as missionary in Romania, defended his dissertation on Severian of Gabala, a 5th century preacher in Constantinople (around the same time as the well-known John Chrisostom). His study focused on how Severian read and interpreted the Bible. Dr. Brown now teaches New Testament, Bible study methods, and other subjects in various colleges, based in his home town in Colorado.

2017-09-25 11.12.37These are just two lives who were deeply touched by ETF’s teaching ministry. Just this past Monday, all our new students were introduced to the ETF staff in a special moment in our chapel. More lives to be transformed, more stories that are being woven. We praise God for this opportunity and pray that we will be faithful stewards of the gospel in this ministry.

Thank you for praying with us, and supporting us in this vital ministry. For more prayer needs, see our prayer page.


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