Posted by: Jack | September 16, 2017

Daniel never saw God; and yet …

At 10 AM, we picked up Tom and Dawn at the Amsterdam docks, friends from a supporting church. We walked through downtown Amsterdam and visited the King’s palace.

2017-08-24 19.04.45

A Dutch pancake supper with Tom and Dawn, also celebrating our 32nd anniversary.

The next day, we visited the ETF in Leuven during the one-week summer school. They sat in on the Daniel course. It was the day for student presentations. One student discussed how she was impressed that Daniel persisted in his faith even though it seemed God was far away and not answering prayer. Over lunch, this lady student, now working in psychiatric care, shared how the students had a special prayer meeting during class to pray for one another. Many students were facing difficult situations and wanted to remain faithful like Daniel. She has studied theology for many years at the ETF, but felt that now things were beginning to click. She now saw how theology and life connected. One of Pat’s prayers has been that students would not receive only head knowledge, but that their hearts would be touched by the Lord. The Lord was answering prayers!


August has been full with a short hiking break, our annual BMW field conference, ETF summer school, and the ETF doctoral colloquium. This is an intensive study week with 40 PhD students and 30 faculty (some of which Jack advises personally).

Oh, and our grandson Manual celebrated his first birthday!

With fall beginning, Jack is preparing for new courses on pastoral care and leadership, Pat is gearing up for flower workshops, and at church we started our new season with the theme “longing for God”. September 27, our church will have an important meeting to flesh out our vision for the coming years.

Also, we just found out that Laura and Adriaan have become first-time home owners in Houten. Soon, we’ll be helping them paint to get the house ready for them to move in.



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