Posted by: Jack | July 27, 2017

Sports outreach


We felt a little awkward as we got on our bicycles to go to a deserted patch of grass in the church’s neighborhood. What would we find? We were to serve coffee/tea and talk with parents of the participating kids – would any show up? Without access to our own meeting facilities (only on Sundays we worship there), how would we even make coffee? Where could the kids go to the bathroom? And would the weather hold up, after raining all morning?

2017-07-18 14.34.13

Where is that marshmallow? One of our favorite games

Those few days went very well, in spite of all our questions and doubts. About two dozen kids attended, the afternoon for grade schoolers, the evening for high schoolers. Wednesday, we closed the activities with a barbecue where only a few kids and their parents attended. Yet, with all our volunteers from several churches as well as a student Christian group, we were able to share a bit of God’s love with these kids and their families.

Many people in our city assume that, when someone is very friendly or they do something good for others, there’s an ulterior motive. Several conversations focused on explaining that we simply cared for the neighborhood and that we wanted to show a bit of God’s love to them – even if they would never come to our church. So we pray for God to water the seed that was planted through the continuing work of His Spirit.

Today, we leave for the Black Forest, where our annual BMW field conference is being held. Please pray for safe travels for all involved, and for spiritual refreshment in our fellowship.


Field conference of 2016 – an exceptionally large group with all BMW board members present.

Thanks for standing with us. Our prayer page has more prayer requests.


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