Posted by: Jack | July 15, 2017

Spring/Summer Visits

Life is held together by relationships of love. Often we share about all we do, but here’s about the ‘better side of life’, a string of visits that shapes our summer.

2017-04-025We were delighted to meet up with Bob & Marcia from Indiana. We had often been in their home. We watched an amazing flower parade, visited the world’s largest flower auction in Aalsmeer and admired beautiful tulips in Holland’s Keukenhof. We joined Laura & Adriaan, and Rebecca for their church service in Utrecht. A very colorful visit indeed!

V John and Christine French (3)-001

The futuristic doorway of a cathedral turned into a hotel

Next, we hosted John & Christine in our own home. Jack and John traded stories about Grace Seminary where we studied together. We visited our city of Maastricht, and were awed by its 2000-year history and beautiful architecture. We visited one of the famous churches that is now a hotel. We also attended our own church service, which is probably the first time they worshiped with a Baptist congregation in a Roman Catholic church building! We were very encouraged with their visit and the good fellowship.

In between we did some visiting ourselves. We traveled with our whole family to the Western US, visiting the big parks. We hiked in snow and sunshine, and felt overwhelmed by the spectacular scenery. Every park was so unique, a testimony to God’s creative powers. Pat’s brother Bob joined us for this trip.


The whole gang. Guess where?

In early August, we’ll visit with fellow missionaries at our Annual Field Conference in Southern Germany. During these summer days, we also have several church folks over for dinner, to build and renew relationships, for they hold together the web of our lives.

In a little over one month, we’ll pick up Tom & Dawn. In 1993, we were the first missionaries they ever hosted in their own Michigan home, and now we can return the favor.

2017-05-24 21.23.07

Manuel preparing his first big trip!

Please join us in praying for our Athletes in Action outreach event NEXT WEEK! And also for progress with renovation plans and permits of the church building. Our prayer page has more info. We are grateful for your prayer and support. Without you, we couldn’t be here.

In Christ, Jack and Pat Barentsen


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