Posted by: Jack | March 20, 2017

Elections, Leadership and Hope

The Dutch just had their elections. This time they made international news. Many feared that one or more political parties that would break up the European Union would be put in political power. Fortunately (we think), this did not happen. It is all about hope. What will the future hold, and what will be our hope? As with the US elections and with the Brexit vote last year, people are attracted to vote for this or that party based on their vision of hope.

2017-02-24.25 ILSE Conf (4)

Jack with a professor and potential student from Romania at the ‘Hope’ conference

At the ETF, we had a major international conference on “Driven by Hope,” on hope, economy and leadership in late February. With close to 20 presentations and 60 attending from various continents, we considered this conference very successfull. Jack spoke on (secular) leaders as prophets of hope and received interesting feedback.

The leadership breakfast with Jack as speaker provided opportunity for people to think about new, hopeful perspectives for evangelical 2017-02-04 Bethesda L Ontbijt (2)churches in the 21st century. Tomorrow, Jack has a follow-up conversation with a young church leader about changes in their church.

Hope also drives us in our church breakfast. Our monthly breakfast attracts neighborhood people and it also furthers the fellowship among our church people. The third breakfast is coming up this Sunday, March 26. Please pray for continued interest and relationships building. Pray also for discernment whether to continue with this outreach.

Spring also brings hope. Spring flowers are appearing

2017-03-07 12.41.31

The proposed Easter wreath Pat will do in her workshops

and so are opportunities for flower workshops. Thursday, March 23, Pat has a flower workshop with the ladies from the church neighborhood. She expectes to hear often, “what did she say?” These ladies speak dialect and must listen closely as Pat speaks Dutch. And of course there are lots of crazy misunderstandings!  But that helps the flowers as well as the ladies grow and laugh! An Easter flower workshop will be held on Tuesday, April 11, for church ladies and their friends. Pray for seeds of Christ’s love to be sown.

Thank you for upholding us in prayer, so we can be messengers op Easter Hope in a country that has lost its Christian vision.

For more prayer requests, please check out our prayer page.


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