Posted by: Jack | February 3, 2017

Breakfast Stories

Whoever heard of having breakfast in church? What a silly idea! But to our surprise, at least 10 neighborhood people came to our first church breakfast service last Sunday! We enjoyed delicious rolls, brown bread, cheese and fruit while chatting with our neighbors. Even though we were in ‘their’ church where they had attended for decades (the Catholic church building where we meet), they had never done anything like this. A short devotional on the importance of food in the Bible was given. We mingled some more. And now everyong is looking forward to Feb 26 when we again have a breakfast service! Pray for this next breakfast! This will be the second of a trial of 3 breakfasts. will also be important on Saturday, Feb 4. Jack will be speaking at the annual leaders’ breakfast of a counseling organization called Bethesda in Belgium. The topic is “A Hopefull Look at Tomorrow’s Church.” So far 65 have signed up! For our area, these are BIG numbers!

Hopefully people will have eaten breakfast before coming to the ILSE Conference Feb 24-25! This conference brings together theologians and economists to talk about Driven by Hope. Hope and happiness studies are big in economics today. And as theologians, we have a lot to contribute about ‘Hope’. Jack will speak on “Religious Leaders as Harbingers of Hope.”


Rebecca with Manuel, just before leaving for Thailand

On Feb. 7 we will have breakfast with our grandson, Manuel! This will be our firsgrandparent baby-sitting day together! The biggest challenge will be getting the stroller down the steps and into the elevator!! They live on the 10th floor, but the elevator doesn’t go all the way.


Our youngest daughter, Rebecca, is traveling in Thailand this month. We just received pictures of her petting elephants! Maybe a new pet idea?!!!

We value and covet your prayers for us. “Without me you can do nothing,” said the Lord, and we long to see Him at work in and through us.

Coffee Helping MissionsA unique support idea: Why not try some special coffee and help support our ministry with the profits!




  1. Jack and Pat,this is Joe Sadural, I saw a mapped out picture of Europe recently of countries who had less than 5%evangelical Christians,Europe was all the same color on this map…..except one country…Netherlands was over .Had many more than the other Europian countries, YOU’VE made a big difference. God Bless,Joe Sadural


    • Thanks … but the higher number of Christians relates especially to the Northern half of our country. The Southern half as well as Belgium, where we live and work is unfortunately the same as the rest of Europe. But we’re working to change this color too! Thanks for praying and staying in touch. Jack


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