Posted by: Jack | January 1, 2017

Our church homeless again?

“Gezegend Nieuw Jaar!” We wish you a blessed New Year, growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We must be having fun because time is flying by! During our US trip in October we visited 5 of our supporting churches and many friends. Pat enjoyed time with her brothers. Jack’s presentation at the Atlanta leadership conference went well and he continues with some excellent contacts and networking. This will help him prepare for the next conference in Brussels in Oct 2017.

GSiP (2).jpg

The semester is winding down and classes are over. Jack’s students have studied discipleship, and made presentations on Bible study materials. Over the next month, they will write a major paper in the area of church and faith education, and prepare for the oral exam. Jack also supported students who organized a special training day on pastoral care and trauma.

2016-02-07 10.53.13.jpg

Our church in a circle at the end of our monthly Communion service.

The Catholic parish in whose building we meet will be discontinued at the end of this month. The church building, which seats over 400 with few other rooms, is too expensive to run so we couldn’t possibly buy it. It might be torn down (which leaves our church ‘homeless’ once again), but maybe it can be renovated into a multipurpose building. We’d love to continue to worship there (as tenants), so pray God to lead Catholic church and city officials in their decisions about the church building’s future.

Manuel 1611.jpgOur grandson Manuel is already 4½ months old. He is just adorable! Unfortunately, he still cries lots and is a fussy drinker – very trying for Laura and Adriaan. They have looked at possible allergies and various other causes. We’re amazed at the level of professional and medical care they receive. Still, Manuel grows quite normally and is already able to turn over both ways. We’re looking forward to our grandma/pa care days with him.

See also The Barentsen prayer page.




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