Posted by: Jack | August 1, 2016

Our Big Dilemma …

To go or not to go?

BMW Conf 2015 (1)

It is time for our annual field conference with BMW (Aug 2-7). It will be a big group. We have more national leaders from some of BMW’s mission churches in Europe. And most BMW board members will attend. It’ll be crowded, but we look forward to good times of fellowship and refreshment with many of our colleagues and friends.

But …

13754634_10153827156107993_318533542877102774_nOur first grandchild is due on August 10. It could come any time now. And we don’t want to miss it. But the conference location (Bad Zavelstein) is a 7 hour drive from Laura’s home.

So …

We’ve decided to go to the conference, to travel light, and to carry our mobile phones at all times. Ready to pack up and leave at a moment’s notice.

For the rest, the coming month is conference time, especially for Jack. Read more about it on our prayer page.

Coffee Helping MissionsThanks for those of you who ordered coffee through the special website. Some of the proceeds help support our ministry. Haven’t tried yet? Click on the Coffee-Helping-Missions picture.



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