Posted by: Jack | April 15, 2016

Joy and sorrow mingle together

Thank you for the dozens of sympathy cards and emails at the passing of Jack’s mother on March 17. In spite of her suffering and our loss, it was a precious time as family to draw together. We take comfort in knowing that she is with the Lord.2016-03-23 18.41.49

Jack’s dad faces major adjustments. But here is his first selfie with his sons! Imagine learning how to use a smartphone and Whatsapp at age 90! Pray for Jack’s dad to cope with being alone, and for the family in supporting one another.

2016-04-09 12.23.45

Joy and sorrow mingle unexpectedly. Laura is halfway in her first pregnancy, with all going well. Last weekend we had a special party to find out whether it would be a boy or a girl. Can you tell? (Hint: click on the picture to the right)2016-04-09 12.24.14

The ministry has been very full. Jack teaches on Christian leadership, guides students through theological research, and will soon teach “Church Planting, Development and Leadership.” On April 29-30, he is responsible for an international conference on leadership and diversity, hosted at the ETF, at which he is scheduled to speak twice.

Jack completed his first proposal for a major project on church leadership that would involve two doctoral students. It was submitted to the Belgian Ministry of Education to request funding. However, the competition is strong (only 1 in 8 proposals gets funded). Pray for the Lord’s direction. If approved, this project will strengthen ETF’s research and training in Christian leadership in Europe.

On the lighter side of life: Jack and Pat enjoyed an André Rieu concert in Belgium, a special gift from Jack’s family for their 30th anniversary last year. Our daughters, Laura and Rebecca, made some famous friends in Amsterdam … well, at Madame Tussauds! And Pat worked with a few ladies at a special pre-Easter flower workshop.

Thanks for standing with us in prayer. Please check out our prayer page for the latest.


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