Posted by: Jack | February 2, 2016

And off they go…

StudentenIt happens every year around this time. A dozen or more students email Jack about proposals and contracts … until they get approval to start their internship. Most start on Monday February 8, and continue until shortly after Easter. Altogether, 16 ETF students will do an internship.

One student was all set for an internship with a counseling ministry but it fell through at the last moment; she will now serve with an outreach ministry for children and youth in a disadvanted neighborhood in a small city in the Netherlands. Another student had to get a certificate of good behavior, so he could go to prison – well, to serve with an evangelical chaplain as he meets with inmates and holds regular Bible studies and services.

Every student has his or her story. Four will go abroad (UK [2], US, Ecuador), one serves in an Arab speaking church, and then there’s a student evangelistic ministry and a Bible school ministry. About nine students do a church internship, ministering in preaching, Bible study, pastoral care, youth work and much more. Please pray for these young people to serve with diligence and humility, to learn from feedback and interaction with their supervisor, and to discern the Lord’s guidance for their future ministry.



See also The Barentsen prayer page.


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