Posted by: Jack | June 19, 2015

Looking ahead …

foot 2handCarolien distributed footprints and handprints during the Sunday service illustrating that the hand cannot say to the foot, “I do not need you.” Jack preached on spiritual gifts, emphasizing that all are needed in the body of Christ. Then we celebrated the Lord’s supper, and were reminded that all of us are important parts of the body. And finally, Onno and Jesse were ordained as elders to serve this body.

Two new elders ordained

Two new elders ordained!

It was a splendid service recognizing the special place the Lord gives everyone in the church.

This week, we’re working on plans for next season. Jack helped a church member set up Bible studies for next season, focusing on how Christians can live relevant lives in our society. Next, we hosted the small group leaders to review the year and think about strengthening care and community next season. Then, the elder board met at our home to discern God’s direction for the church in the coming season.

It is intense and exciting to see how the Lord is bringing people together to serve him. The church moved to its new location over a month ago. We’re settling in and praying for God’s direction in this new situation. We need more children’s workers and small group leaders. We are exploring ways to serve our new neighborhood. Pray with us that we discern prayerfully, as a board and as a church, God’s direction. We’re looking ahead …

Thank you for praying for these and other things. The Barentsen’s prayer page has more prayer news.

And here’s a great way to help support our ministry, simply by ordering delicious coffee from Coffee Helping Missions.


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