Posted by: Jack | February 27, 2015

Bridging the Generation Gap

2015-02-10 20.32.20

Brainstorming about the church for today

The past few weeks have been filled with meetings. Different groups of believers brainstormed about the changes in our society, that affect our churches and their leadership. One such meeting was in Belgium with young Christian adults, many of them ETF graduates. They interacted about why Belgian churches were not growing and what we could do about it.

Debating which direction is best

Debating which direction is best

A week later, a group of evangelical leaders met to discuss the results of this earlier brainstorm session. How we could encourage young believers in evangelism, church planting and leadership? We wrestled with the generation gap in Belgian church life. We want to bridge this gap, because within the next decade over 60% of Belgian church leaders will retire. Do we have enough young people to take their places?

On a more personal note, it is already over a month ago, that Pat’s father passed into the Lord’s presence. Pat spent two weeks in the States to be with her brothers. It is different having no parents, especially for her brothers who lived so close to them. In the meantime, Jack’s mother has finished her 6 rounds of chemo. She seems to be doing well, but we’re awaiting test results to see what to do next. We are thankful for the Lord’s strength in everything. Thank you to everyone who sent cards or email notes to encourage Pat and all of us.

Thank you for supporting us, which tells us you trust us to serve here as your partners. What a privilege!

For more prayer, check out our prayer page.

By the way, ETF students surprised us hugely by putting on a 3 course dinner to thank all professors and other staff for their hard work and service!

Our student can cook too!

Our students can cook too!


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