Posted by: Jack | November 24, 2014

Celebrating …

The School of Education

The School of Education (Banska Bystrica, Slovakia)

It was very disorienting. After two plane rides to Budapest and a 3-hour drive on unknown, winding two-lane roads, I arrived in Central Slovakia. Navigating with my smart phone, I found my lodging, but the building looked dark and quiet – only after driving around I found the entrance. Fortunately, I connected quickly with my host, a local professor of practical theology.

Although I couldn’t make heads or tails out of the Slovak menu, we started off the evening well as another dinner guest, a Czech pastor, talked passionately about their outreach in a small rural community. I also met with leaders of the Baptist Union, taught on Christian leadership, and met with teaching staff. It is amazing to see how the Slovakian church developed after the fall of the Berlin Wall (just 25 years ago this month).

Celebrating our connection

Celebrating our connection

Within 5 years, four small evangelical denominations established a theological faculty within the much larger (secular) faculty of pedagogy, to provide for desperately needed leadership for Slovakian churches. We ‘celebrated’ the connection between the ETF and this school, hoping to provide support for their leadership training.

Other reasons to celebrate: last week, we had diploma day at the ETF, which is like commencement ceremonies but then November. 16 Bachelor students and 8 master students received their diplomas, many already active in church, school and mission! Moreover, the accreditation committed published their findings about the ETF, and we received a very positive evaluation. We are very grateful for that and proud as well. We pray that the Lord will use it to continue to attract students and train them for ministry. Here’s the press release: Positive assessment report for ETF Leuven.

So we’re ready as ever for Thanksgiving!


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