Posted by: Jack | October 31, 2014

Slovakia and a church building

Students at the ETF BBQ Outreach

Students at the ETF BBQ Outreach

Remember the ETF BBQ, that we wrote about a few weeks ago? ETF students invited other students from a nearby student dormitory to a BBQ outreach (click on picture to enlarge). A total of 120 students participated in the event. It was very busy for many of our own students, but a great way to reach out. Thanks for praying for it. Keep on praying as ETF students share the gospel.

Next week, Jack leaves for a week-long of teaching and research at a secular university in Banska Bystrica, right in the middle of Slovakia, where they have an evangelical theology department. Very interesting! Pray for a safe trip, and fruitful ministry in leadership training.

In the meantime, the church in Maastricht keeps on praying for a new location for our services and activities. The most recent prospect is a Roman Catholic church that is still in use by about 20 Bosco churchcatholics. However, the church building fits hundreds of people, and they can’t maintain it on their own. We hope to be able to rent the building for our Sunday mornings. It’s right in the middle of a Maastricht neighborhood, and many people will have some memories of this building as ‘their church’ in which they were baptized, did their first communion, were married, and so on. We pray that their spiritual interests might be renewed, so that they will get to know Jesus as their only Savior and Lord.

Thanks for praying with us. And please visit our prayer page for more prayer fuel.


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