Posted by: Jack | July 31, 2014

Church Planting Conference at ETF

LCCS Ch-Pl (2)When I came down the stairs, I was surprised to see so many ‘mature’ (read: grey) heads.This was ETF’s first international church week-long planting conference, with more than a dozen speakers and up to 80 in attendance. Church planting is an exciting adventure, and many of our students show interest, but this conference had attracted the more seasoned veterans. It was a delight to have lunch with over a dozen church planters and church leaders serving in Belgium, and to catch some of the enthusiasm.

LCCS Ch-Pl (1)It was a special treat to catch up with two ETF alumni. Marc (far left) studied at the ETF in the 1990’s and has served as church planter in France. Marc is now doing his Ph.D. with us on discipleship. I had Maarten (in the middle) in some of my classes only a few years ago. He just finished his first year of language and culture study in Kosovo. Wish you could have been there to catch the energy and drive to innovate to reach new groups of people in Europe.

Next week is BMW’s annual European field conference, another meeting with many church planters, with a total of 140+ in attendance. Dr. Dan Peters will speak on ‘Wonderful Counselor’ and we are looking forward to meeting friends and being encouraged together. Thanks for praying.


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