Posted by: Jack | July 22, 2014

Summer dreams

The bookstands at the University of Vienna conference

The bookstalls at the University of Vienna conference

It was quite tricky to find the room. After a few wrong turns and asking in awkward German, we found it on the upper floor of the gigantic University of Vienna building. The room held some 15-20 people, and Jack’s was the third of 6 morning presentations. Jack spoke on Paul’s apostolic leadership. It was an amazing conference with more than 400 Bible scholars (hardly all evangelical), at a university that boasted to be the largest in Europe with 92,000 students! We caught some sight in Vienna along the way.

On the way home, we stopped in the Austrian Alps for some days of hiking, before returning to a few busy weeks at home. And then the cycle repeats.

That sketches our summers. Travel to Vienna, Black Forest, Paris and Leuven for conferences, often with Jack speaking on leadership (Paul as church planter and apostolic leader; changes in church leadership; power and authority in pastoral leadership). Then some days of R&R, mingled with weeks at home, and staying in touch with family. Without teaching, administration and deadlines, the pace feels more relaxed, but hardly a time to do much dreaming!

Inspirations for our summer dreams!

Inspirations for our summer dreams at 7000 ft!

Please pray for the board of the Maastricht church as Jack joins the other 3 elders to appoint Jesse, a young man, to be pastoral assistant to the board for the coming season (the church has no pastor). We really desire for the church to move forward, regain its enthusiasm and outreach, find a new location closer to town, and much more. Pray with us as a search out God’s priorities for the coming season, and as we work out the specific ministry of each elder and of Jesse.

Finally, Pat and I have been very inspired by reading together the book The Power of Full Engagement by Loehr and Schwartz. We are faced with increasing demands in ministry and family, while our physical strength … well … decreases (no hiding that fact!). This is just the book for us to help us maintain our energy level so we can remain fully engaged! Jack picked it up through Amazon for next to nothing, and it sat on the shelf waiting for some down time to read together. What a good investment that turns out to be!

Thanks for remaining faithful in praying for us. Many have been praying especially as the Netherlands has had so many deaths through the air plane shot down over the Ukraine. Our hope is in the Lord, who alone can enlighten our minds and give lasting hope.

For specific prayer requests, see our prayer page.


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