Posted by: Jack | June 23, 2014

A bit of restoration

Ordained as elders

The four elders at the ordination service

“Jack, can you join our steering committee for some advice? We’re stuck on a few issues.”

And that’s how it started — again. I was glad to attend a meeting and listen to the challenges. I spoke with each one individually, and then proposed a way forward at the next meeting. As a result, a new search was started to add at least 3 new elders to our small elder board of two. Another man and myself were nominated, and just yesterday, we were ordained in our first term as elders of the church! Both of us have done this before, and we already had a strong desire to serve this way.

Jesse to be assistant pastor

In the meantime, we’ve already been working hard as elders board to see if we can appoint Jesse, an ETF alumnus that Jack has had in class some years, as an assistant pastor for three days a week. Wednesday will be a congregational meeting to seek the church’s support for this action, that has been well prepared over the last few months. Jesse preaching on spiritual fruit from Matthew 21:33-44, which was a good charge to us as (new) elders.

Please be praying for the new board as we adjust to working together and seek to prepare a good start in the new season beginning in September.

Our prayer page has more prayer requests!

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