Posted by: Jack | May 6, 2014

Unity and Leadership

Last week, 7 ETF students participated in Jack’s course ‘Church Development.’ They read Dutch church growth and church planting literature. They are also exposed to organizational studies, which helps them understand today’s society, and how the church is different from and yet similar to other organizations.

I often use an interactive teaching format. Here, you see the students Imagein debate over the proposition: “theological discussions lead to division.” It was a good learning experience to have them apply insight from the Bible and organizational studies to a question like this.

Please pray for two important events coming up:

(1) The leadership conference hosted this Friday May 9 at the ETF from our Institute of Leadership and Ethics. We expect speakers from the US, UK, Russia and South Africa, as well as Belgium and the Netherlands, and have some 40-45 people in attendance. Pray as we interact on how a Christian perspective makes a difference in moral leadership in this world. For more info, see the ILE website.

(2) The Maastricht church is in the middle of a process to expand the elder board. Jack is one of two men nominated to become elder. That would bring us to a total board of 4 elders, which hopefully will be sufficient to lead the church to a new sense of mission and commitment. We pray for the Lord’s selection, and trust that in June, the new elders can be officially commissioned for this important ministry.

Thanks for praying with us. Please check our prayer page for more.



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