Posted by: Jack | April 18, 2014

Good Friday – the reason why

Tonight is one of the three special services before Easter. Time to meditate on the meaning of Christ’s suffering, on his impact on this world.

Truth be told, this impact appears minimal. Violence reigns in many place, as we’ve witnessed horrors in Syria and the Central African Republic. Pure force and injustice reigns in the Ukraine. And closer to home, we witness homelessness, broken families, addictions and home violence. This world echoes Christ’s cry, ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!’


An Easter banner that Pat will use to decorate the church meeting room

Last night, the story of Good Friday and Easter was acted out live in the Dutch city of Groningen. Popular artists, well-known pop songs, famous TV presenters and beautifully crafted stages picture the last days of Christ in a way that people of all walks of life can understand. It’s a creative way to draw millions of viewers to begin to understand Easter. Perhaps 15-20% of the Dutch watched this on television, which is amazing in a land where more than 50% of the people have no idea what Easter is about. Next year, ‘The Passion’ will also be in New York city.

Tonight it is Jack’s turn to offer the meditation in the Good Friday service. The suffering of Christ is God’s answer to the suffering world. His justice is fully expressed in the punishment for evil that Christ bore on the Cross, while His love is fully expressed in averting this judgment away from us and onto Christ. To many people today, this represents an impossibly cruel God, but to believers it is the sweet aroma of salvation. Pray that this message will touch people’s heart tonight, and indeed this whole Easter weekend.

Thanks for praying with us.


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