Posted by: Jack | February 27, 2014

Two remarkable chapel services

At the ETF, we have a chapel service every Wednesday when classes are in session.

Last week, I (Jack) was part of a panel answering questions about theology and spiritual life. How come, some students asked, that the study of theology sometimes puts stress on my spiritual life? How do I avoid that my devotional Bible reading becomes an exegetical study that does not touch my heart? These and other questions indicate how ETF students desire to live closely with the Lord, but also how their study sometimes challenges them spiritually. We tried to answer their questions, to help them see that in-depth study of the Scriptures strengthens one’s spiritual life.

This week, I led the worship time in our chapel service, during which an Australian missionary to Borneo spoke. His fiery message that we are ‘debtor to the world’ to proclaim and live the gospel touched our hearts. I’m grateful that our students are challenged to consider world missions, and I’m impressed that many of our students are already very involved in preaching and in outreach.

Thanks for praying with us.


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