Posted by: Jack | January 15, 2014

Grateful and prayerful

We look back to a wonderful 2013: fond memories of Laura & Adriaan’s wedding, a number of international opportunities for Jack to teach on leadership, more flower workshops and contacts than Pat has ever had before. Also, the ETF had a good graduating class; since our graduation ceremony takes place mid-November, it was finally reported in ETF’s Christmas Newsletter.

2014Last year, we also had our challenges, such as two trips to visit and help care for Pat’s father in Easton, PA, and the wear and tear of all the travel amidst a full schedule of ministry. We are very grateful for your prayers through it all, and for the Lord’s sustaining grace and strength.

2014 is again packed with opportunities and challenges:

  • Jack being commissioned to do a research project on religious leadership in the Netherlands.
  • His growing responsibilities at the ETF in teaching, research and in the practical theology department present a daunting challenge.
  • Pat’s work at the flower shop remains a challenge in a very, very slow economy.
  • Laura & Adriaan as a new couple, getting used to the workaday world of projects and temporary jobs.
  • Rebecca graduating in February, moving to Utrecht and trying to land her first ‘real’ job.

This makes us very grateful and prayerful at the same time. We are proud of how our kids fend for themselves in a difficult economy. And Jack gladly participated in a Personal Efficiency Program to help manage the work load. But our courage and efficiency are ultimately ineffective without God’s wisdom and power, so your prayers are vital.

PS If you want a glimpse of ETF’s delightful Christmas dinner, click here for a short impression.


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