Posted by: Jack | December 20, 2013

Christmas, an embarrassment?

For many of our neighbors and friends, Christmas sounds like a ridiculous message: God became a man through the birth of Jesus. For some it is as fantastic as the Harry Potter films: nice entertainment, but not to be taken seriously. Do Christians feel embarrassed about the true meaning of Christmas?

Then again, as Christians we spend so much time organizing Christmas activities (flower workshops, dinners, ladies’ night, Christmas markets, family trips, special services … no wonder we need a Christmas vacation!), that we might not even take the time to reflect on the meaning of Christmas. Now, that’s an embarrassment of a different kind!

We wish you a blessed time at Christmas, pondering the wonder of God’s deep love, stooping so low in becoming a baby, because he wants to build bridges from us to Him. May that inspire us to build bridges of love for our friends, family, colleagues and neighbors, to experience and come to know this deepest of loves!

The pictures tell the rest of our Christmas story.

Thanks for standing by us in prayer.

Pat was able to join Jack for the ETF Christmas dinner – for the first time!

A beautiful result in one of Pat's flower workshops

A beautiful result in one of Pat’s flower workshops

Jack taking his turn serving the ETF Christmas Dinner

Advent: the King is coming

Advent: the King is coming


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