Posted by: Jack | November 22, 2013

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas

It’s not quite Thanksgiving yet … but we should have a table with 12 people tomorrow (Saturday, Nov 23) to celebrate the event together. We even have a turkey (from Germany!) that is small enough to fit our oven. We look forward to a special time with friends.

The next month is full … F U L L !

OK, that’s no surprise, it is full for everyone, but please pray for the following:

  • Image

    Doesn’t this make you want to join Pat’s workshop??!!!

    Flower workshops are very popular this year. Pat has a record of 5 workshops in the next few weeks. Pray that the ladies attending will sense God’s peace, that the real meaning of Christmas will shine through, and that the hearts of people will be open to the true gift of Christmas.

  • Jack is off to Liebenzell in Southern Germany from Nov 24-27 (6,5 hours by bus and train). It is a solid German Bible college, where he will teach on Christian leadership, interview three key denominational leaders, and interact with the school staff about some of his research findings so far. It’s exciting, stimulating and exhausting! Please pray for wisdom, safe journey and physical strength.
  • ETF, the seminary where Jack teaches, is busily preparing for the meetings with the visitation committee on Dec 3-4. It is a stressful time since the school will be evaluated to renew its accreditation for the next 8 years. Pray for wisdom and grace, for discernment of the visitation committee, for a positive outcome, and that ETF students and profs will benefit from the feedback. We want to strive for excellence in our mission to train European leaders for church, mission and society.

Thanks for praying! Click here for more prayer fuel.


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