Posted by: Jack | September 27, 2013

Called to be Pastor


Thijs and Saskia during the prayer of dedication

Pat & I rushed to get there in time, and we just made it. With several flower arrangements in our arms, we entered the church building, where we searched the crowd for familiar faces. Soon we noticed Saskia, and then later also Thijs Tichelaar. This was their day, a major milestone, for they were welcomed as pastor in this baptist church in Arnhem.

Thijs and Saskia served for over 6 years as pastoral assistants in our church in Maastricht, and then moved into an interim ministry last year in a different part of the country. The Lord has now led them to pastor this church of around 120 people, with a beautiful building of their own. The city of Arnhem dates back to 1233, and now has almost 150,000 inhabitants, with just a handful of churches. Clearly, they have an important task to fulfill here.


Couldn’t resist showing this one off!

Who would have pictured that as Thijs and Saskia attended one of the first classes Jack taught at the ETF: NT Introduction and Introduction to NT Exegesis, in 2002 and 2003. It’s good to see the fruit of earlier labors, and we rejoice over the Lord’s enabling power in their lives and ministry!

For updated prayer requests, check our prayer page.


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