Posted by: Jack | August 20, 2013

Acts and the challenge of secularization


Students in one of ETF’s leadership training programs

It is summer school at the ETF. For one week, two guest professors and some 30 students meet together for two courses. One course teaches through the book of Acts, focusing on mission. Students are encouraged at digging deeper into the text and considering, for instance, if Jesus’ words ‘you shall be my witnesses’ apply especially to the twelve apostles (and Paul), and how they might be applied to us today. The other course considers the ways our European society has secularized and how this challenges the church for an adequate response. Most students are from our Open University, and already hold jobs or ministry positions. Summer school is like a spiritual retreat, staying in the guest rooms of ETF’s leadership conference center. It is part of ETF’s mission to train spiritual leaders for today’s churches. Please pray for staff and students during this special time of study.

By the way, if you’re ever in Belgium near the ETF during the third week of August, why not take in our summer school for the week!?

Thanks for praying for last week’s area conference with our mission. It was a great time of fellowship and encouragement, where we share our struggles. Sometimes, it makes you wonder how all these missionaries hang in there. Pray especially for some of our BMW colleagues who face especially tough challenges in the next several months.



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