Posted by: Jack | July 26, 2013

St. Andrews – old and new

St. Andrews: the town where golf was invented – at least according to a local official! It was certainly an amazing little city in northeast Scotland, usually rainy but during our visit unusually sunny!

Presenting at St. Andrews

Presenting at St. Andrews

In early July, Jack participated in a conference at the University of St. Andrews with over 500 Bible scholars. In one of the dozens of research groups, Jack presented a paper of Paul’s authority in the church in Corinth, from a study of 2 Corinthians. Eleven other scholars also presented papers on biblical authority and leadership in the same group. The responses were very encouraging, and soon Jack’s paper will be published. The contents will also help to equip pastors and teach ETF students about the dynamics of pastoral authority.

Ruins of St. Andrews' old cathedral

Ruins of St. Andrews’ old cathedral

In the meantime, Pat took time to do some personal reading, and roamed the town. She was amazed to find out that the university celebrated its 600th birthday, predating Columbus’ discovery of America, while the old cathedral, of which only ruins are left, dates back to the 12th century, built next to the site of yet an older church.

Thanks for praying for this and other ministry opportunities the Lord brings our way. Our prayer page has just been updated!

Couldn’t resist uploading this typical Scottish farewell scene which concluded the conference:

A Scottish bagpipe band

A Scottish bagpipe band


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