Posted by: Jack | June 12, 2013

A storybook wedding?

ImagePerhaps you’ve already seen the pictures on Facebook. I have never had so many ‘likes’ before.

Laura’s marriage to Adriaan Verkerk was an unforgettable day, that Friday May 31. Laura, was of course, a most beautiful bride, and Adriaan as handsome as could be. A Dutch wedding involves a dual ceremony. The first is the civil ceremony with the signing of the marriage conImagetract (at noon), the second is the church ceremony (at 7PM). In between, the families and close friends spent time together, listening to some delightful skits on the lives (and goofs) of Laura and Adriaan, while the reception took place after the church ceremImageony with over 200 people.

It was a beautiful sunny day (a break from the rain we had), full of joy, love and a very clear life-long commitment to one another and to the Lord. They spoke words of thanks to both sets of parents, which made our ears curl! The location was delightful. A storybook wedding!

We’re content and deeply grateful to God’s gracious presence in every part of the day.Image

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