Posted by: Jack | May 21, 2013

Discipling believers – how effective are we?

Discipleship (2)This is a key question that I have tried to answer with my 15 students in the course ‘Church-Based Education and Discipleship.’ It reflects our commitment to the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20, where Christ commands us ‘to make disciples of all the nations.” But what makes someone a disciple, and how would you know whether someone is growing as disciple? What is spiritual maturity? Can you somehow measure that?

We considered these questions, and looked at various projects that investigated the teaching ministry of the church. Finally, my students adapted an existing questionnaire together with Mr. Heyman, a local church ministries consultant. The students are now in the process of gathering input from 5 Belgian evangelical churches, collating the information, and attempting to systematize and interpret the data. Our goals are that this will be a significant learning process for the students, teaching them how to lead a church’s educational ministry, and that Mr. Heyman can use the data and analyses for his further work with Belgian churches.

Thank you for praying and being part of this ministry.

Would you also pray for this coming Friday, when we have a special study day on spiritual leadership? Click here to see that website.

For more prayer requests, see our prayer page.

Discipleship (1)


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