Posted by: Jack | April 19, 2013

Bachelor Party


Adriaan next to Laura: Surprise!

Adriaan’s dad and I gathered with about 10 of Adriaan’s friends at the Amsterdam train station. It was announced twice if ‘Adriaan would please report to the information booth West.’ He didn’t show up, and we were worried. We were to ‘kidnap’ him for his Bachelor’s party that day. Fortunately, Laura was part of the conspiracy, so she secretly texted us to help us find him, eating a sandwich in a roadside cafe in Amsterdam. Boy, was Adriaan ever surprised to see one of his friends, then another, and another, and then the rest. He was speechless for over a minute – which is a rare phenomenon!

We had more surprises in store, of course, and the beginning was to get dressed in gunny bags, as a symbol of his love for fair trade products. I must confess that Adriaan’s dad and I took the train home, long before these guys had finished with Adriaan, but we had to maintain some dignity (or was it our age?!). Lots of good fun.


He looks good even in a gunny bag!

And so many of our weekends in April and May are filled with wedding planning activities. Lots of fun and family time!

Also, these are about two of the busiest weeks of the semester for Jack. He started his course on Christian Education, is the main speaker at a study day on leadership in Belgium tomorrow (Saturday April 20), and another session on missional leadership

in the Netherlands on Wednesday April 24. Our church als has a baptismal service this Sunday, where Jonathan is being baptized, the 20-year old son of good friends of ours.

Thanks for praying. Click here for more.


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