Posted by: Jack | February 26, 2013

Visitor from South Africa

Belgium seems to hold a strange attraction for Christians from South Africa. We often here of a South African team coming over to help with evangelistic campaigns.

This past week, I met Mario, a Pastor from SA who had already visited Belgium at least 10 times. He is passionate about church planting and feels the Lord’s call to ‘come over and help us.’ He wants to join the ETF to strengthen our teaching in practical theology and encourage church planting.

Leuven's City Hall! What detail!

Leuven’s City Hall! What detail!

Last Tuesday, we went to down town Leuven (where the ETF is located), and saw some of the sites (check them out here). We had some very interesting discussions about how pastoral care influences the process of church planting. So often, church planters are entrepreneurs and strategists, which they need to be. But many are also excellent pastors, caring for the intense needs of the broken people whom the Lord directs their way. We had a sense that this might just be the area that needs more research and teaching.

Will you pray with Mario and us for the Lord’s direction as he gets involved at the ETF? He has a family with two teenage sons, that he would like to get into college first before moving to Belgium with his wife, and they will need to raise support from South African churches. It would also be a great encouragement to me (Jack), since I am the only full-time teacher in practical theology at the ETF.

See also our prayer page.



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