Posted by: Jack | January 8, 2013

Spiritual Formation in the Local Church

Tomorrow is a special study day on spiritual formation. I’m preparing a workshop on providing leadership in spiritual formation, based on my study of Ephesians. I’m looking forward to the presentation and interaction, and invite your prayers.

Spiritual formation is the same as what we used to call Christian growth or discipleship. Thus, it is a ministry close to my heart, since we’ve focused on discipleship ever since beginning our ministry in the Netherlands. Now I can approach it more from a leadership perspective.

About 100 pastors, church workers and students have signed up for the study day, and I expect to see about 25 of them in my workshop. There are two main speakers in the morning, and 9 workshops in the afternoon.

Thanks for praying tomorrow, Wednesday January 9th, for this important event. We desire to see people formed spiritually to grow to be more Christlike, and we pray this day will contribute to that.

If you read Dutch, click here for the website.



  1. I will pray that the day is fruitful. What a great topic! God bless your ministry! – Pastor Chuck (First Baptist Church Allentwon, PA)


  2. To train the Church members, will be a big job in these very busy days(!), however we did the same in the Turbulent sixties and seventies(!), when the church was called “Bankrupt” and students had loads of homework to do, even up into the early hours…and needed to attend their parties in the weekends! Those were the places where the Gospel was discussed with their unbelieving friends.

    Young men and women, who had put their faith in God and lived out of the power of the resurrection of Christ and who took the leading of the Holy Spirit seriously, took up the challenge to live out the Christian life even amongst their schoolmates, in spite of class frauds etc. They had to “swim agains the tide” and got healthy and strong. They were not perfect at all (HA!), but they were willing to learn and to grow spiritually; to confess and to forgive.Many were looking for answers to the meaning and purpose of life.

    May God raise up again young men and women who will count the costs to follow Jesus and may the “Evergreens” see their dreams fulfilled!

    May our Christian educators today, be inspired again by God’s Spirit and bring relevancy and depth to their teachings, so that the people of the Church of Christ may have a true encounter with God.

    Rein Carlier


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