Posted by: Jack | December 10, 2012

2 surprise baptisms!

Five baptisms!

Five baptisms!

Sunday a week ago was not just first Advent, but also a baptismal service in Maastricht. Two teenagers from a Christian family, and another young man training as pediatrician were being baptized. It was an interesting setup, since the baptisms took place in a little side-niche of the main auditorium, which is why everyone in the picture is looking to the left. However, a large part of the congregation remained seated and watched the baptisms as they were projected on the screen, that you can just make out on the far wall.

Upon finishing the three baptisms, one of our elders closed in prayer, thanking the Lord that there was water enough for more baptisms. At that point, another young couple piped up. They wanted to be baptized as well. This couple has been an active part of our church for a few years now, and they had (so we heard afterwards) recently talked about baptism with one of the elders. Needless to say, everyone was surprised by this spontaneous response to the Word and the other baptisms, and we rejoiced at their step of faith.

So … keep on praying! The Lord is at work.


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