Posted by: Jack | November 29, 2012

ImageThis week I protested along with Dutch and Belgian dairy farmers. They protested against EU regulations and demanded higher prices for their milk. I protested, because I was caught in between tractors driving 2-25 mi/hr on the highway – turning my regular one-hour trip to Leuven into a three hour trip. Needless to say, my protest made little difference, but the farmer’s tractors congested Brussels for two days, while they sprayed some EU buildings with fresh milk to make their point.

It isn’t the first time that these farmers protest this way, but now it shows how the financial crisis and government cutbacks affect significant numbers of people. Our affluent lifestyles are now endangered. And perhaps that’s not so bad. It helps people discover that there’s more to life than consumption. Like the recent evangelistic magazine ‘There is more’ that was distributed to thousands of mailboxes in the Netherlands. We distributed among our neighbors. Perhaps it’ll open up some conversations about spiritual things.

Thanks for praying with us.


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