Posted by: Jack | October 22, 2012

Being a mentor, what …

‘Being a mentor, what does that mean to you?’Image

Good question. To our ETF teachers, that means paying special attention to those few students (between 4 and 7, usually) who have signed up with that specific teacher. It means praying for those students, meeting regularly (whether at the office or during coffee break), and occasionally advising that student in academic matters. Most importantly, mentoring offers an opportunity to give and receive spiritual counsel.

Studying theology is no guarantee for a deepening spiritual life, for greater conformity to Christ. We are glad that the majority of our students report that they have grown spiritually during their studies at the ETF. We would like to see that all students could testify to that. But believers have their share of testing and suffering, and sometimes this brings on a serious crisis of faith. Pray for the 36 students that have signed up for a mentor, and for at least that many that haven’t. Pray for wisdom for teacher-mentors as they meet with students. Pray also for our two student pastors as they counsel more in depth with some students. Pray that through it all, Christ likeness will keep pace with academic development in our students (and staff).

Thanks for praying and standing with us.


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