Posted by: Jack | June 6, 2012

The Intouchables

What a great movie! People whose worlds would ordinarily never touch come into contact with each other: a black gang member with a police record and a super rich paraplegic. These two worlds are soooo different! Laughter rips through the audience regularly!

The movie is so much more than a comedy. It is a story, based on real events, of how two people who are so incredibly different succeed in touching one another’s life. They get inside each other’s skin. And that is life-changing. They both see and enjoy more of life than without each other (which is not to excuse some of the off-color scenes). In a real sense, they both become more human. It is a story of how in a wildly pluralistic world people still succeed in touching each other’s lives and making a difference.

And that is a story worth telling. It reminds me of the story of Jesus Christ, who came from such a different world into our own lives, connected with us, and makes us more human, more alive than anyone else can ever do.

It is also a story about leadership. Think of the birthday party. For the one, a birthday party is passive, serenely listening to classical music. For the other, a birthday party is about beat, movement, dancing and laughter. Watch Driss turn the birthday party around. Watch him transform this party. Observe his transformational leadership! Well, just enjoy the movie, reflect and be inspired.


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