Posted by: Jack | May 26, 2012

Social Justice, a Just Concern?

Social justice … it’s close to the heart of prophets like Micah and Isaiah, and indeed most OT prophets. They warn people about injustice and of God’s coming wrath. They long for the day when God’s future king will bring justice on the earth.

In a special study day at the ETF, 6 internationally known speakers addressed social ethics in a global world. ETF’s Institute of Leadership and Ethics organized this day to help Christians reflect on their leadership calling. Does it matter that you are a Christian when you occupy senior leadership positions in politics and business? How do we use our influence not just for more profit, but to increase fairness and justice in our company, our country, and our world?

ETF’s president Patrick Nullens spoke on “Covenantal Justice and Global Leadership,” while Cambridge’s Peter Heslam addressed “The Spirit of Enterprise and the Ethic of Thrift.” Several others contributed, and the day closed with a description of work among street children in Africa. Soon, these will appear in book form. If you’re interested, you can pre-order it at ILE’s website.


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