Posted by: Jack | February 14, 2012

Ravi Zacharias in Leuven

I wasn’t sure about attending … but then, Ravi Zacharias doesn’t come to Leuven just any time!

Right in the city where I teach, he was speaking on ‘The Meaning of Life,’ and many of our ETF students had spent hours and days organizing the event, distributing flyers, and personally inviting friends. Leuven has one of the oldest universities on the European continent, home to almost 30,000 students, so this was a huge task.

Ravi Zacharias in Leuven, Belgium

But it always remains a surprise what the turnout will be. Just a few minutes before the event not quite half of the lecture hall was filled. Zacharias spoke for well over an hour, arguing that without a sense of wonder and without truth, life has no meaning. Several questions afterwards were quite critical.

I got into a conversation with the person next to me, who was a researcher at some nearby laboratories. We exchanged cards, so perhaps I will get a chance to speak with him again. But then I turned to look around the hall and realized it had filled to capacity almost completely. Between 600 and 700 people had attended this event. And — what’s even more significant — about 40 people had signed up for discussion groups to continue talking about the things they had heard.

Needless to say, the people organizing it were delighted. They are part of a new church planting effort in Leuven, and this certainly provided a solid impuls. Pray for the salvation of many of those who were present.

And keep on praying …


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