Posted by: Jack | November 10, 2011

Brussels and Christian Identity?

I was a bit nervous as I drove to Brussels for the second time in a month. It was the day of the workshop, where I would speak on Christian Identity to a group of Christian CEO’s, large and small, directing Christian relief and development organisations all over world.

Workshop on Christian leadership and identity

Would my study on leadership and Christian identity connect meaningfully with their world?

I arrived a bit early, and sat in the back of the meeting room, tasting the atmosphere of the business meeting with about 28 people. After a coffee break and meeting some people it was my turn. Although the talk had a bit of theory about leadership, I could tell it began to make sense when our discussion turned to a study of Ephesians. Fascinating to see how Paul’s theology in Eph. 1-3 is in some ways very strong anti-empire rhetoric, while in Eph. 4-6 Paul encourages Christians to live their lives in the Roman empire as Christians, modelling Christ in their daily lives and relationships.

We ended with lively discussion about the Christian identity of these organisations, and the tension that the sometimes experienced in interacting with the European Union for their subsidies. It turned out to be a very fruitful meeting together. Thanks for praying.

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