Posted by: Jack | September 11, 2011

Empty Nest?

Our family on Father's Day this year

Our family on Father's Day this year

After a long and full summer, it’s time for blogging again …

Empty nest, that’s not a new experience for us. And yet it is. Laura has now finished college, except for a few more weeks of writing on her thesis (on how leaders handle disagreement and dissent). She found a part-time job with Youth for Christ, Netherlands, and is taking some leadership training with the Navigators (Naventure).

Rebecca started advanced nursing studies, and moved away to Ede, where she will attend Christian University Ede. She will probably travel home many weekends, so we’ll see her regularly yet. She’s making new friends through the Navigators, and will be starting a research project with 3 other students to assist a care institutions in various managements functions. Her minor for this semester is Family Relationships.

Pat left for Easton, PA on Sept 6, spending 4 weeks with her parents, who are in their late 80’s and are increasingly in need of help. Pray for time to make good memories, and wisdom to focus on the right things. Also, pray for provision for the plane tickets (more needed in the near future) and other expenses.

Jack holds down the fort, fending for himself … well, that’s debatable, since he gets many invitations for dinner from (church) friends. But he hopes to finish some writing projects before classes start again.

Still don’t know what to pray for us? Check our prayer page, which is regularly updated.


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