Posted by: Jack | June 17, 2011

Kenya, Youth work and small groups

Steven had just returned from Kenya. His internship in a large church was quite an experience. He preached and did Bible studies as planned, but many other things were added African style, such a attending several funerals and weddings, and speaking at one wedding (but not as the main speaker!). He discussed theology with the pastor during the various long trips on the road. An unforgettable experience and worthwhile exposure to ministry in another culture.

Jack with Steven after he returned from Kenya

Not every internship offers such challenges, of course. Others served in churches or in church-planting situations, in youth work or Bible translation. One student completed a research project on how the small groups functioned in the church where he interned, using the skills he had learned in Jack’s course on “Christian Education and Discipleship” last fall.

Most students returned with renewed zeal for serving the Lord and using further studies to that end. We keep praying that the Lord will thrust them out into the ministry of His choosing when the time is right.

What is to pray for? Check this page.


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