Posted by: Jack | June 6, 2011

Should Paul have closed the church in Corinth?

A response to a discussion about when a church is too small in a Dutch newspaper. Perhaps you can consult it online at ND.NL:

Barentsen – Wijkgemeente Korinte gesloten



  1. It would have been interesting to read this … maybe there’s a link to an English version that I’m missing?


    • Hi Linda,
      Sorry, I didn’t have an English version. The short version is this: a Dutch pastor wondered whether a ‘small’ church of 150 people should be kept open, since it had little impact on its neighborhood. It is located in a major Dutch city. I sent in a response to the newspaper, explaining how we in the Southern part of the Netherlands can only drewl over a church of 150, since most churches are much smaller. Moreover, Paul’s church in Corinth was probably of very similar size, with a very rocky history. So I suggested that if a church of 150 is too small for us, then perhaps Paul should have closed Corinth and tried again in Berea or Athens!


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