Posted by: Jack | October 25, 2010

Graduation in October

It may sound strange in the US, but we just had Laura’s Bachelor graduation ceremony last week. She already finished her courses and major paper last June. Many other students had to take re-exams in August to finish this year. And then, after the new school year has already started, the diploma ceremony comes around. Over half of Laura’s class in the school of Social Sciences didn’t even bother to show up. In fact, you had to sign up if you wanted to attend and receive your diploma this way.

Laura's graduating class

It was a nice ceremony, where each of 32 students received a few words of praise for his or her graduating research project. Laura conducted a study on how various government agencies cooperated in helping families with home violence, resulting in some tentative recommendations for improvement. Two other students were selected to present their project in a bit more detail.

We’re proud of this milestone in Laura’s life and pray for her future as she just started a one-year master’s study in Management, in a track called “Policy, Communication and Organization.” She already has a research project lined up for her master thesis.

A proud family



  1. Congratulations, Laura! We are very proud of you. It is exciting to see how you girls have grown and developed personally and spiritually! I miss seeing you and knowing you as young adults.


    • Hello Mrs. Wagner! So nice to read your response, thank you for you congratualations, i am a happy girl 🙂 My dad told me you are serving in Southern-Korea? Wonderful! Hope you have a great day.


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